Safety Patrol
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Kraft Elementary is excited to continue the Safety Patrol Program, which is sponsored by AAA. The primary purpose of the program is to enhance the safety of our students. In addition, this promotes the development of leadership skills and good citizenship qualities. The Safety Patrol is a select group of fourth and fifth Graders that are committed to providing a safe school environment for all students.

A Safety Patrol member should exhibit the PAW Principals at all times. They should be respectful, responsible, positive and safe. The patrol's job is to remind students of safety rules learned in the classroom and to guide them in safe crossing and bus passenger procedures. Patrols receive instructions in guidelines and procedures during their training and regular patrol meetings. Duties of all patrols are listed below:.

Duties include:

  • Hallway monitoring

  • Assisting students as they exit cars during arrival time

  • Helping students get to class or designated areas without running

  • Assisting/working cooperatively with adults in assigned areas (cafeteria, hallways, etc)

  • Greeting families as they enter the building each morning

Duties begin promptly at 7:00am and end at 7:20am daily.

  • You must wear you safety belt while on duty

  • Leave your backpack in the designated area (activity room)

  • Be sure all belts are stored properly at the end of duty each morning

  • Please DO NOT switch assignments without permission and ALWAYS stay at your assigned post

Announcements and flyers providing more information concerning the Safety Patrol applications will be available during the month of September. If you are interested in joining the Safety Patrol team, please contact Coach Williams