Book Club
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The Library Media "just for fun" Book Club is designed for students in 4th grade. The book club is a librarian-organized, student-driven reading experience that builds friendships and encourages independent reading. The book club gives students a positive reading experience of selecting books from a variety of genres and sharing their motivation and interest both inside and outside of school.

How do I join the Library Media Book Club?

Listen for the open enrollment for the book club on the Kraft Cubs Morning News. Students may come to the library and pick up an interest letter to participate in the book club. It is expected that students complete the interest form and have their parents sign the interest letter prior to attending the book club. All students are expected to attend all meetings, follow rules, expectations and exhibit Paw Principles at all times. The books are selected based on the elementary approved library circulation titles, which can be found in the Book Room sponsored by the Reading Specialist or in the library.

What do you do in the Library Media Book Club?

The Library Media Book Club will meet every Monday after school from October 2022 through April 2023 from 2:20 to 3:00. Each student will receive a copy of the "selected book” from the Book Room/library to read over the course of three weeks. Students enjoy a light snack and discuss their books during open forum.


Be on the look out this fall for announcements and flyers providing more information concerning the Library Media Book Club. Interest letters and forms for parents and students will be available in the library during the month of September. If you are interested in joining the Library Media Book Club, please contact Mrs. McLean.