Afternoon Dismissal
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2022 - 2023 Afternoon Dismissal Policy

All students are escorted by an adult to the appropriate dismissal location.

At the beginning of the year, parents inform the teachers' of their child’s method of afternoon transportation (after school program, daycare {Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Bryant, and Mrs. Peck}, bus, car pick-up, or walker). All transportation changes MUST be in writing and requested before 12:00pm. You may submit your change request by by fax (757) 825 - 4507 or you may email Mrs. McNeal. It's very important to note, that If no notification is received, requesting a change in your child's regular method of transportation, than your child will follow his or her regular method of transportation home.

NOTE: In accordance with HCS policy, for the safety of all students, there will be no Early Dismissal after 1:45pm. If you do not have your child’s pick up number, you must park and go into the main office with your identification and sign out your child. No students will be released to individuals walking up to the car pickup line.

Afternoon dismissal is complete by 2:20 p.m. Students who are left at school and are not participating in approved after school activities, will be referred to the principal's office. Students are not allowed to play on the playground during dismissal hours. Students must be accompanied by an adult after 3:00 p.m. on the playground.

After School Programs

Students attending the after school program in the cafeteria will be escorted by the appropriate designee during dismissal.

Bus Dismissal From School

Bus riders are escorted to the buses by their classroom teacher. If a child plans to ride the bus home with a friend, parents must send a note to their teacher and/or the office requesting a change in transportation. If no notification is received, your child will follow his or her regular method of getting home.

Eligibility and Bus Stop Determination

For eligibility and bus stop information, please check your bus stop, pick-up and drop-off times by visiting HCS Edulog's WebQuery. Please note that bus pick-up and drop-off times are approximate. The bus route times are affected by changes in traffic patterns and ridership. Bus schedules are subject to change during the school year and parents should visit the HCS transportation website for updates.

Car (Pick-up) Dismissal in the Afternoon

Car (pick-up) dismissal starts between 2:05 p.m. through 2:20 p.m. Any students remaining after 2:20 p.m., will be taken to the office for parents or guardians to sign them out. All drivers will need to have their car pick up number visible on the visor or windshield of their car. Students will be stationed at the appropriate cones according to the car line up and staff members will assist them into the car as quickly as possible. (If further information is need, please contact Coach Williams and/or Mrs. McLean)

There are staff members helping to move cars forward at a safe but rapid pace. Car (Pick-up) dismissal is a very busy and crowded time, please be courteous and cautious of other drivers and walkers.

Car (Pick-up) Dismissal Rules

  • Be on time for (car pick-up) dismissal.

  • Place your car pick-up number on the visor or windshield of your car during afternoon pick up.

  • Do NOT block buses or other neighborhood traffic from getting through Concord Drive intersection.

  • Do NOT pass the other cars in the car (pick-up) lane.

  • All students must enter and exit the car from the passenger's side.

  • Parents or guardian please remain in the car.

  • Please follow the instructions of the staff member on duty and pull up to the furthest cone to keep the car (drop-off) line moving.

  • Do NOT talk on cell phones, blue tooth or text while in carpool line.

  • Do NOT leave your car unattended in carpool lane.

  • Do NOT block the handicapped ramp or pedestrian crosswalk.

Walkers in the Afternoon

Walkers are dismissed and escorted to their designated walking paths according to the location in which they walk home. Parents are asked to wait for their child at the end of the walk zone. (If further information is need, please contact Mrs. VanDenheede and/or Mrs. Foy)