If your child's method of transportation home this upcoming school is via car (parent) pick up, than a car pick up number is required. This pick up number identifies you with the student being picked up. All drivers will need to have their car pick up number visible on the visor or windshield of their car. Please do not give these numbers to anyone not authorized to pick up your child. (If further information is need, please contact Mrs. McLean)

The 2022 - 2023 Car Pick Up form is available to parents via PDF format and Online submission. You would only need to choose one format; if you chose the PDF format, click here (pdf), download and complete the form. Return the form during Open House to request your car pick up numbers. If you chose to select the Online submission, click here (online), complete the form and your car pick up numbers will be ready for immediate pick up at Open House. Remember, you only need to choose one format; Do Not complete the PDF and the Online submission.

NOTE: If you have more than one child traveling home the same way, please complete two forms. For example, if you are choosing to fill out the PDF form, download the form and make a copy to complete the second child's information. If you are choosing to fill out the Online submission, fill out the form twice; one submission for each child. Although you are filling out the form twice if you have more than one child, they will be given the same number.


Parent Pick Up Form (pdf)

Online Submission Parent Pick Up Form